Uncertain times

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What do we do in these uncertain times?

There’s no doubt that every believer can sense the hour and age we are living in, and that this age has many uncertainties. Everywhere we look and the things we hear, there is just a constant uncertain sound. It reminds me of what Peter said about Lot in Sodom, “in seeing and hearing his righteous soul was vexed from day to day.”

So what should a believer do? Is there anything certain in these uncertain times? The answer to that is yes, a great emphatic yes.

Here’s what we know, God’s Word, His Promises are certain, they are just as certain today as they ever was. The believer is admonished to “look away to Jesus”, we must keep our eyes on Christ and our ears open to His vindicated voice.

The are many certainties given to us in the Word of God, and His Word is unfailing. We can bank our souls on every Word that has been spoken from the mouth of God. This is not a time to be discouraged, but to be encouraged even if you have to do as David did and that is “encourage yourself in the Lord your God.”

Paul taught us how to do that in writing to the Ephesians, he said to speak to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;
Worshipping Christ in the Spirit is one way to create an atmosphere of faith and encouragement, even if you have to do it alone and it seems that many of us are finding ourselves more alone or with family members at this time. Encourage your family to sing along with you at times and watch the atmosphere change.

Once your heart is in a good position and in the Spirit then go to the Word, read your bible, mediate upon God’s Word, His Promises. Be led of the Holy Spirit, listen to His Voice, allow Him to lead you to a message that’s been brought to us by His messenger in this day. You’ll be amazed how true God’s Word is when it says, “Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.”

Dear saints, yes, emphatically yes, there is things that are certain and the Bible is full of them. Stay in His Word, stay in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit. Remember Jesus is coming soon and He’s coming for a Bride who is dressed in the wedding garment and awaiting and anticipating His return. As the prophet said, “may His coming rejoice in your hearts”, Come quickly Lord Jesus.

God bless you!