How can I watch live services?

When you are at our homepage. There you will click the link at the bottom that says “Live Stream and Archives“. Once you click that link the next page will open and its there that you can click “Register“. Once you fill out all the information, we will then approve you and you’ll receive an email. Your username and password then will be used at services times to login and listen live.

How can I watch or listen to archive sermons?

In the past we required two different login’s. Now with the new website launched the same username and password that is used for “live services” is also used for “archived sermons“. ┬áJust go to the link that says “Live Stream and Archives” once you click it, then you will login. The next page after you login at the top will be the link that says, “Click here for Archives“. It is there you will see a complete list of sermons.

What happens if I lose my password?

Again you will hit “Live Stream and Archives” link. On the next page you will click “Forgot password“. Fill out the “Retrieve password” form and you’ll receive an email with your password.